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May 5th, 2023 | Rev. Dr. Mark Charles

I love this time of year. The crazy season of busyness that is the build-up to Holy Week and Easter is done, and we in the church have this 50-day long season of the religious year called Eastertide in which we proclaim the good news of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. This is a season in which we celebrate the life, hope, and vitality that is offered to us by Christ.

We are now halfway through Eastertide and well on the way to Pentecost, the day when we celebrate the birth of the Church and the coming of the Holy Spirit to those gathered and waiting in Jerusalem. That day, a group of weary, perhaps still grieving, and somewhat confused followers of Christ were empowered as the Holy Spirit moved mightily within them.

As we read through the Book of Acts in the New Testament, we see that this same group went on to become those who birthed the Christian Church by courageously proclaiming Christ’s death and resurrection, by sharing their lives and possessions with one another, and by indiscriminately welcoming others to come along and be a part of it. The work of the Holy Spirit within this group of Jesus followers was significant and transformative indeed! And I would suggest to you that the same Spirit that was at work in them is the Spirit that is at work in us. I believe it is upon all of us who follow Christ to invite the Holy Spirit to be at work within us so that we all will be empowered to do that which God is calling us to. That’s what is behind the series of sermons we will be preaching in the coming weeks.

Maybe you can relate to the disciples who gathered in Jerusalem and waited for the promised Holy Spirit. Maybe you are weary, or grieving, or confused in your faith journey. In the weeks ahead, we will be preaching about the everyday work of the Holy Spirit that meets us where we are and empowers us to be the people God is calling us to be in the world.

So why not plan to come along and join us in worship? Come with a heart that is open to the work of God’s Spirit and see what happens next in your life and in our life together at Memorial!


Pastor Charlie

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