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A Foundation of the Methodist Movement

ConneXion groups at Memorial are built around the importance of building relationships with other Christians. Since the beginning of the Christian church people have been gathering in small groups to live life together and to encourage each other in their relationships with God. For United Methodists, conneXion with other Christians is imperative to long-lasting and transformational faith growth.


ConneXion groups are designed for a group of people to meet and hold conversations about how God is working in their lives. This habit of conversation and relationship focused on God is laying a groundwork for transformational discipleship.   

At Memorial we will offer topical short-term classes, as well as ongoing long-term classes, that will focus on transformational, information-based learning. Groups are organized around a common desire to support one another in becoming increasingly faithful Christians who are growing in their love of God and neighbor. Group size is limited to 12 people and are open to long-time and new Christians. 

It is our hope that all in our congregation will join a ConneXion group at Memorial, and we want to help you get connected and build the habit of transformational conversation.

To teach this style of learning we will be offering a short, 8-week study that will teach us how to structure our conversations and will help us build the groups.

Transformational Faith Growth

Supporting One Another

"The Class Meeting"

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