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During the month of June, our church will be learning about the disciple Peter during our new sermon series. We first encounter Peter in the Gospels as one of Jesus’ most faithful disciples. This upcoming Sunday, Pastor Charlie will be looking at the person Peter was and how God believed in Peter despite his flaws.

Next Sunday, on my last Sunday as one of Memorial’s Pastors, I will share my deep love for this church and for the gathered body of Christ. I will share a bit about what I have learned here and how it has impacted my faith journey. Using a text from 1 Peter as my guide, together we will discover God’s desires for each of us to live lives of faith as part of a gathered community of believers.

So much is to come, and as hard as it is to leave Memorial, I am excited to share with you over the next two Sundays and will continue to pray for you all from afar as you continue to live into your calling to be a grace-filled family of Jesus followers.

I hope you will come to the potluck on Sunday, June 11th to say goodbye to our family.

Much love,

Pastor Carrie

  • Writer's pictureMemorial Fernandina

For several reasons, this weekend is a special one in our annual calendar. First, it’s Memorial Day weekend and therefore it is appropriate for us to take time as we gather on Sunday morning to remember those who have lost their lives in the service of our country, to reflect on their willingness to serve and sacrifice, and, of course, to pray for their families and loved ones.

Second, we are celebrating Pentecost and remembering how the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the gathered believers in Jerusalem that day, and how their lives were transformed and empowered to share broad and wide the good news that Jesus is Lord and that “all who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Acts 2:21) As the birthday anniversary of the Christian Church, Pentecost is always an exciting time of year (Make sure to wear red to church this Sunday morning.

Third, and maybe most special for us in Fernandina Beach, this weekend is also when we celebrate Memorial’s birthday. 201 years ago, our church family was birthed on Amelia Island and in that very same birthing Methodism had arrived in Florida. Ever since, the grace-filled family of Memorial have maintained a vibrant witness of the Wesleyan way of Christian faith. With great love at the center of our life together, we continue to put our faith into action as we play our part in God’s mission through the United Methodist Church - to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. In worship this weekend, our Church Council will be sharing some important and exciting news as to how we will continue to partner in this mission going forward.

So, I hope you will join us in-person for worship this coming Sunday as we mark this special time by combining all our on-campus worship gatherings into one single service in Maxwell Hall at 10:00am (Digital worship will be on YouTube at 11:00am as usual). After worship, we will gather in Central Park to enjoy a time of fellowship and fun together.

I can’t wait to see you there!

Pastor Charlie

  • Writer's pictureMemorial Fernandina

In each of the last two weeks, during my sermons I’ve invited you to pick up your bible and read your way through the Acts of the Apostles, allowing it to bear witness to the work of the Holy Spirit. Of course, I’d never ask you to do something that I would not do myself, so I’ve been reading it too. Honestly, I never fail to be amazed, inspired, and challenged by the words contained in The Acts of the Apostles.

One verse that struck me this week is found in Acts 4:32 where we read that “the whole group of those that believed were of one heart and soul…” As I read those words I had a sense of wonder, imagining what it must have been like for a group of believers to be completely aligned with one another. I have no doubt that those gathered together likely held differing views and opinions on many aspects of life in the first century Middle Eastern world, but when it came to their life together in Christ and the mission Christ had called them to these believers were of one heart and mind.

As we read the next verses, we see that not only were they of one heart and mind regarding mission, but they were also “all-in” on that mission – they testified to each other of Christ’s work in their lives, they ensured one another was cared for and that their possessions were shared with those in need. What an excellent image of the church as a body of people united in mission!

At Memorial, our mission is:

to be a grace-filled family, putting our faith into action,

welcoming all people to experience

the love and grace of God, [and who are] journeying to become

deeply rooted disciples of Jesus Christ.

After reading and being a wee bit inspired by Acts 4 this week, I thought this was just the right time to provide a reminder of our mission, around which we are called to be of one heart and mind. I’m in for faith being lived out through action, and for welcoming all people to experience the love and grace of God, and for journeying to become a deeply rooted disciple of Jesus Christ.

How about you?

By the grace of God, and by the power of God’s Spirit we can all give ourselves to living into this calling.


Pastor Charlie

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