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Our History

Celebrating 200 Years!
           1822 - 2022

Established in 1822, Memorial United Methodist Church along with our sister church, Trinity United Methodist Church, are the oldest Methodist Churches in the Florida Conference. The original building for Memorial on Amelia Island was located on the corner of 6th and Broome Street. Just four years after Memorial’s 100th Anniversary on Amelia Island, construction on the current location, at the corner of 6th and Centre Street began.  Over 90 years later, MUMC is still growing and remains one of the crowning buildings on Historic Centre Street.

Since 1822, Memorial has had 74 senior pastors. The current Pastor is Rev. Dr. Mark Charles. Memorial United Methodist Church is registered as a historical location with the State of Florida.

United Methodist History


Methodism grew out of a spiritual renewal movement within the Church of England in the 1700’s. Although he never intended to start a new church, Reverend John Wesley (right) is regarded as the founder of Methodism.

    Wesley stressed the study of Scripture, deliberate spiritual growth and the importance of compassion and social justice and putting faith and love into action.  Some witnesses to the Methodist movement in England ridiculed Wesley and the movement’s followers for being “methodical” in their spiritual practice and personal discipline. Instead of being discouraged, Wesley embraced the description and the movement was named “Methodism.” 
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     Now, The United Methodist Church is a global body of faith with over 11 million members. We believe in creating open hearts, open minds and open doors through active engagement with our world.


What Methodists Believe

• United Methodists believe in salvation in and through Jesus Christ.
• United Methodists have always placed an emphasis on the importance of God’s grace in our everyday lives. From the moment we are born and throughout our faith journey, we believe that God’s grace is with us and transforming us.
• United Methodists believe that the Bible is the word of God and the foundation of our Christian Life. However, we do no not believe that the Bible must be interpreted literally. Methodists interpret scripture through reason, tradition and experience.
• United Methodists believe in a balance of the heart and mind, and believe in free will.
• United Methodists believe in social action and as Methodists, we have a responsibility not only to our own community, but to our world.
• United Methodists recognize the Kingdom of God as both a present and future reality.
• United Methodists believe in living by grace and striving for personal holiness – to be more Christ-like.
• United Methodists believe that everyone has value and everyone is loved by God. For that reason, everyone is invited to the Communion Table no matter their age or background.
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