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June 21st, 2024 | Rev. Rachel Williams

If you heard my sermon this past week, then I have some bad news. It was already established that I am, perhaps, not the best of gardeners. Well, life handed me a pumpkin plant, and I squandered it away. Alas, in this scorching heat, and with the lack of rain recently, the tiny pumpkin shriveled and turned black.

While my thumb remains black, I am eager to sow the seeds of Christ’s love. I’m eager to sow seeds among the more than seventy children who will be on our campus next week for Vacation Bible School. Are you volunteering? If you are out of town or unable to volunteer, won’t you join us in praying for these kids, that the message of Christ’s love reaches deep into their hearts?  And maybe, with that tiny seed planted in their heart, they might go to a family member or friend who has not yet heard the message, and they, too, might have a seed planted. How exciting is it to think of that love being spread far and wide? I hope you’ll tell me your own “gardening” stories in the weeks to come!


Pastor Rachel

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