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November 17th, 2023 | Rev. Dr. Mark Charles

In my Mid Week Reflection this week, I shared about the excellent gathering of Florida United Methodist clergy that Pastor Rachel and I were part of on Tuesday. Bishop Tom Berlin reminded us of the great hope we bear witness to – that Christ is risen and His power to transform lives remains undiminished! Bishop Berlin also inspired and encouraged the Florida United Methodist clergy to continue moving into our future with great hope. What a great word that was!

Over the last number of years, I have experienced Christ’s hope as a sustaining force for my faith and ministry. When life and work has been deeply challenging, it is the promise of resurrection – that new life can rise out of the most dire and difficult circumstances – that has kept me going. As a result of that experience, I find myself in complete agreement with Bishop Berlin’s message on Tuesday and am stepping into the future with great hope.

This weekend will be filled with reminders and signs of great hope. At 1:00pm on Saturday afternoon, we will gather at Main Beach to celebrate the baptism of Reid Vollmers. Please come and celebrate this significant moment in Reid’s journey with Christ. On Sunday morning, our Youth Ministry will be leading our worship. They have worked hard to prepare all aspects of services, and I know their witness to Christ’s great hope will be an encouragement to all who are there. Don’t miss it.

See you there!

Pastor Charlie

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