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March 24th, 2023 | Rev. Carrie Yoder

We are four weeks into this sermon series, and study, of the Lord’s prayer. With two weeks to go you may be getting tired of it, and ready for something new. This is not an uncommon human response. As we dive more deeply into the details and impact of the Lord’s prayer it can be uncomfortable.

On Sunday and Wednesday in class, we talked about forgiveness. What it looks like to admit that we have sinned, towards God or others, and to ask for forgiveness. Then we talked about how to offer that same forgiveness to others who have wronged us. This topic is not easy to discuss or to apply to our daily lives. Yet, this is exactly the call of God.

od is continually inviting us into a deeper relationship with God each day. Simultaneously, the more we grow with God the more vulnerable we are called to. This vulnerability will lead to transformation in our hearts, actions, and lives if we allow it too.

As we are journeying through the last two weeks of lent I encourage you to lean into the uncomfortable feelings and open yourself to be vulnerable with God and each other.

This upcoming week we will be looking at temptation and evil and then the final week conclude with a doxology, a moment to praise God. Lent is a finite period of time, around 6 weeks, and it always leads us to Palm Sunday, journeys through the exciting and hard days of Holy week and ends in the glorious resurrection of our Lord! But to fully live into the resurrection, we must walk through lent and Holy Week. I will continue to pray for you as we journey together and I look forward to seeing you at worship this weekend.


Pastor Carrie

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