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June 28th, 2024 | Rev. Rachel Williams

We have been singing Vacation Bible School songs in my house for the last four days, and, let me tell you, they are fun, fun, fun! Apparently, I’m not alone in the VBS serenades because I have talked with multiple parents who have listened to those songs nonstop.

Sure, they may get a bit repetitive, but do you know what’s amazing? In singing those songs our kids are learning about God’s love. When they sing words like “washed by the water and rise up in amazing grace” they may not realize that same grace is at work in them, but they are hearing that they are loved and that they are made new because of Jesus’ love.

What a gift that is!

         This week, we’ve seen over seventy kids come through our doors to spend time learning about different water-related Bible stories. In the Creation story they learned how everything came to be and how God desires to be in relationship with us. In Noah and the flood, they were reminded that God keeps God’s promises. That was followed by the story of Moses where they saw another way that God desires to be in covenant relationship with us and keeps God’s promises. Thursday, Jesus calmed the storm. If you were in service on Sunday, you heard me talk about how God calls us to choose a life of love rather than a life of fear, and we can do that because God is always with us, even and especially in the storm.

With this final day of Vacation Bible School to go (today), I am excited to see what the kids learn next! Some of you will get to hear them in service on Sunday as they sing some of the songs, and maybe they will get stuck in your head as well!

        Finally, should you see Sarah Baldwin, be sure to give her a high five because she has worked tirelessly to make a fantastic program where every kid gets to know about Jesus and be offered salvation. She cares so much about our kids, and we are so very grateful to have her as our children’s minister.


With grace and love,

Pastor Rachel

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