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June 25th, 2023 | Rev. Dr. Mark Charles

Can you guess what the most common question I get asked around church these days is?

It’s this:

What can I/we do for you that would be helpful right now?

It’s true. We are all aware that our beloved Associate Pastor, Carrie Yoder, has now moved with her family to begin their exciting new chapter in Nashville, TN., and many of you have asked this question out of your concern that with us now being one Church staff member down our remaining staff team might need some extra help as we keep things going at Memorial.

I can’t express fully in words just how cared for and encouraged it makes us feel when the church family communicates their love and desire to help in a time like this. Let me also put your minds at ease: right now, aside from a very full summertime youth program being run by Justin and our amazing Youth Ministry volunteers, things are actually a little quieter around Memorial (as they usually are during the summer months. Our church staff are doing well and even though we all miss Carrie’s presence with us, we are managing to keep all the plates spinning for now. The most valuable thing any of our church family can do to help at this time is to pray for our staff team, and to keep on offering those words of support and encouragement.

The second most common question I am being asked right now is

closely related to the first:

How is the search for a new Associate Pastor going?

Myself and our Staff Pastor Parish Relations committee have been working on this since Pastor Carrie informed us of her plans. Since April, we have been making connections with suitably qualified potential candidates. From the get-go, our commitment has been to be willing to wait for the right person to fill this important role. We know that God is already at work to bring that individual to Fernandina Beach.

As there is more news to share in the coming weeks, we will share it with our congregation. In the meantime, I ask you again to please continue to prayerfully support the search process.


Pastor Charlie

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