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July 7th, 2023 | Rev. Dr. Mark Charles

This Sunday, our Youth Group make the long road trip to Branches UMC in south Florida, where they will spend a week helping run the children's camp that runs in Branches all summer long. They will help lead games, arts and crafts, Bible teachings, and they will also have some time to have fun and bond together as a group.

These trips are so good for our youth to be a part of, teaching them the value of service to others, connection with one another, and how to work together towards a common goal. I'm so thankful for Justin and our youth ministry volunteers that will be taking the group next week - they do such good work.

Of course, this trip will be a continuation of the special relationship that has been developed between Memorial and Branches. It's a testament to the missional heart and commitment of both churches!

I know I'll be praying each day for the work of this mission team, and I'm hoping that you will join me. Let's pray together that our young missionaries will have safe travel, that they will give themselves to the work they are doing, that they will have some serious fun together, and that they will experience Christ anew in and through it all.


Pastor Charlie

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