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July 28th, 2023 | Rev. Dr. Mark Charles

The church year has a rhythm to it. There are heightened seasons of activity that are up front and highly visible in worship and study – seasons like Advent and Lent. But there are also seasons of activity that take place behind the scenes and are not as obvious to a congregation. We are in one of those seasons right now. Each summer, while many of our regular activities slow down or take a break, the annual work of nominating new leaders for next year gets going.

As in all areas of life, work and ministry, leadership matters. Good and effective leadership can be the difference between whether a church moves into stagnancy/decline forward momentum/growth. I thank God often for the fact that Memorial is blessed with excellent leadership, and that God has led the work of our Nominating Committee and granted them wisdom in their task. As we continue to work on our 2024 slate of leaders, there are a couple of ways you can help. First, please commit yourself to praying for this important work, and ask God to direct the steps of our Nominating Committee. Second, if you are interested in being a leader in our church, or if you are thinking of a brother or sister in the Memorial family that could potentially be a leader, then why not put your/their name forward for the Nominations Committee to consider.

Memorial is in the great position it is because God is good, and God calls great leaders to work together to take our church forward in mission and ministry. I’m excited for the future and for the potential of continued great leadership in this grace-filled family.


Pastor Charlie

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