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July 14th, 2023 | Rev. Alyce Parmer

Ever had it happen where you get a song stuck in your head and don’t even know where it came from? Well, that’s happened to me today.

I’d sing it, but then, you couldn’t hear it if I did. But if you could hear me singing, you would most assuredly not tell Dr. Joan I’m a candidate for the choir! The song my brain is singing is “Summertime, and the living is easy. Fish are jumping and the cotton is high.” Know it?

It is summertime, and our thoughts for sure, and our time, hopefully, is being spent on fishing, swimming, boating, beaching, picnicking, road tripping, barbequing, sightseeing and all the other wonderful and fun to do summertime activities we are blessed to pursue. Summertime may mean school breaks and work breaks, but just as you won’t find the word “retirement” in the Bible, neither will you find the words “Oh, just take a break from listening to God’s call”. So, this pastor’s note is calling you to remember love still needs to show up and that God is calling on us, we the people called Methodists here at Memorial.

Today, I’m writing to encourage you to remember, renew, or make a commitment to at least one of Memorial’s many Mission Partners and go out to let your love show up.

Need an idea? Well, how about the ARC, that wonderful place in Yulee just north on US 17, that enriches the lives of disabled adults. And best of all, it can fit in nicely with your summertime fun, too! Or, if you have a heart for teachers, think about Memorial’s upcoming school supply drive to ease their financial burden in gathering supplies for their classrooms or helping with the August event to give the supplies away. There are other mission opportunities, too, to pique your interests and fulfill your calling here at Memorial too.

"Summertime and the living is easy" and serving God’s people is easy too. Just contact Sarah Flint, our Missions Team Leader. to find out more about the Mission project God is calling you to support and how you can help. You can reach Sarah by calling/texting her at 904-206-3023 or emailing Just take a short break from summer’s lighthearted festivities and let your light shine brightly for Jesus wherever he’s leading you.


Pastor Alyce

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