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August 4th, 2023 | Rev. Alyce Parmer

I'm guessing it’s as true for you as it is for me that you can name at least one former teacher or professor who’s had a great influence on your life. I’m wondering too, if you agree with me that teachers are greatly under paid for the value, they add our lives and to our society. I say that as a teacher’s mom, whose son spends his own money every year to make sure his classroom has the supplies his kids will need to learn, and he will need to teach them.

This sad truth is why supporting our local teachers every year at Memorial’s free Teacher's School Supply fair is so important. This is an important local Memorial mission and is also one our local teachers look forward to every year. It’s why I’m encouraging you for to join in one last push before this Sunday’s school supply fair. Please add what you can to what is shaping up to be another great opportunity for our teachers in our community to save their hard-earned money for their personal needs and not for their job. You can still bring in school supplies this Sunday! If you can’t support these local heroes with purchasing school supplies, you can give of your time to help this Saturday morning from 8:00AM to 10:00PM at Yulee Primary School’s workday to get the campus ready for returning students. There’s work to do there inside and out and our help is needed! Wear your “Love Shows Up” shirt, bring water, sunscreen and work gloves and jump right in! Justin Rimondi is your Memorial staff person to contact with questions. You can email Justin at: If Saturday won’t work for you, this school year at Yulee Primary offers other opportunities to give of yourself by tutoring, reading aloud, or one-on-one instruction. Memorial is forming a team to help in these roles, and we hope you will join in. This volunteer opportunity requires approval from the Nassau School board by completing a quick application online at:

And of course, and probably most important, is that we all pray for our teachers and students as they begin another new school year. Thank you for giving to the Lord in this important and special way.


Pastor Alyce

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