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April 14th, 2023 | Rev. Dr. Mark Charles

In our staff meeting on the Monday of Holy Week, I noted to our team that we had reached the end of the first quarter of the year. I asked each staff member to take a look back on the previous three months and share with the group a highlight from their ministry. As we went round the table, each staff member spoke of their sense of excitement regarding our life together at Memorial. There really is so much cause for encouragement. During the first quarter:

- 19 people attended our New Members or Confirmation Classes and came into membership of Memorial and there are currently 9 people signed up for the next round of our New Members Class that begins next Wednesday (4/19).

- 36 people showed up to beautify our campus at the end of March.

- Sunday morning in-person worship attendance has numbered more than 400 several times.

- More than 50 volunteers from Memorial were part of the Rise Against Hunger event that packed more that 42,000 meals.

- Memorial’s members continue to show up all over our community every week, giving their time, talent and service. Whether it is through the Memorial Singers, those who work with the Coalition for the Homeless on Saturday mornings, or those who show up to cook and serve meals at IDN or Gracie’s Kitchen, when people see those red Memorial T-shirts coming, they know that love really is going to show up!

I keep saying to people that this is a GREAT time to be part of what God is doing in and through Memorial! It’s been a great first quarter and I am excited for what the second quarter will bring as we continue to live into our calling to be a vital growing church working together to further establish God’s kingdom in our church, community, and world. Let’s keep moving forward together in the power, strength, and love of the risen Christ!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Charlie

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