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"The Bible Year" at Memorial

In our 200th year, we are committing to growing as even more deeply rooted disciples by reading the whole Bible together as a congregation.

We will be using the book "The Bible Year" by Rev. Magrey deVega as our guide for our devotional and reading list and our pastors will use the Scripture for each week in their sermons.


Monthly Reading

Here is a downloadable Monthly reading chart. You can also find it broken down by the current week graphic below and in your Monday Connect & Friday Enews. 

The Bible Year Classes

There will be two class options that you can join to dive deeper into this Bible reading series. 

october reading list.jpg

Sunday Mornings, 11:00AM:

- Pastors will rotate those leading this class which will be a follow-up and conversation to the weekly sermon Scripture.

Wednesday Evenings, Online 6:00PM:

- Pastor Carrie will lead a discussion on The Bible Yer readings for the week. 

Sign up for these classes HERE.

Conversation with the author

Pastor Charlie recently had a conversation with the author of the devotional, Rev. Magrey deVega, about how reading the Bible can deepen your faith and the challenges one might face when embarking on this reading adventure. 

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