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We are excited about what is happening in 2022,
our 200th year, at Memorial!
Read on to find our more!

In the year 2022, Memorial United Methodist Church celebrates our bicentennial year!

A legacy of faith & service: Past, Present, & Future


Be on the lookout for ways to learn, grown, and serve in ways that celebrate our history

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Find out ways that you can live your calling through  Memorial at the beginning of 2022!

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 In our 200th Year we embark on a challenge to have members, families or groups in our congregation work toward giving 200 hours of service in our community each! It's our "200 Hours in our 200th Year" project and you can learn more about the details HERE.

Submit hours for yourself, your family, or your group each month through the form below of through the white cards at church!

Click HERE to find the form to submit your hours.



Sunday School Classes beginning on January 16th 

  • Praying the Scriptures: 

  • The Bible Year 

  • Dispelling Christian Myths & Apologetics


Weekday Ongoing Classes: 

  • Tuesday - Everything Happens Podcast Class 

  • Wednesday - Scripture and Prayer with Pastor Charlie 

  • Thursday - Men’s Bible Study 

  • Thursday - Lunch and Learn


In 2022, we are committing to growing as more deeply rooted disciples together! We will be embarking on a church-wide reading challenge to read the whole Bible together in a year! We'll have help with that as we use the book The Bible Year by Magrey deVega as our guide for personal devotionals, sermons series, and classes! 

There will be a companion class lead by a pastors on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. 

Memorial will make books will be available at the first of the year for all who want one or you can buy one online.

Watch the video at right to get a recap of the series from the author, himself!


Wednesday Night Classes beginning Jan 12th, 6:00PM 


  • New Member Class

  • The Bible Year

  • Faithlinks

On Campus: 

  • The Bible and Human Sexuality

  • Disciple 1 Bible Study  

There are a great number of NEW classes beginning in January,
based on the surveys you filled out in the Fall!
Take a look and read more about them on our STUDY page.

If you would like to find out more ways to get involved contact our Membership Coordinator,

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