It’s our 200th Anniversary in 2022 and in honor of that birthday, and our church’s desire to give back to our community, we are pleased to announce the 200 Hours in our 200th Year service initiative!

       We are challenging individuals, family units, or groups to work toward giving 200 hours  of  service during  the 12 months  of   this   bicentennial   year.  That boils down to around 17 hours a month or 4 hours a week. And, if you are already volunteering in the church and community, those hours can be part of the 200! (see below)

     Everyone has different abilities and free time. So, if you want to work toward the 200 as a family, instead of just as an individual, then turn in your hours as a family (ex: The Charles Family) or collect the hours from the members of your group and turn them in together (ex: The Jean Sydnor Circle) to count your group’s hours! You can team up with a friend and count your hours together! The goal is for Memorial to be out in the community helping Love Show Up and celebrating the ways that we volunteer as a church family! So do what amount and type of work is right for you or your group!

Use this form to submit your hours for our 200 Hours in our 200th Year Iniatative

Thanks for serving in our community!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of volunteering can go toward our goal?

Anything that you do to give of your time and serve inside or outside the church is helping our community. Here are just a few examples:

  • Greeter at Memorial

  • Serve on a church board

  • Participate in Hands-on Mission Work

  • Coaching your child’s sports team

  • Board meeting at a local non-profit

  • Volunteer at a school/tutor

  • Serve as a hospital volunteer

  • Picking up trash in your spare time

  • Serve on a sea turtle watch

  • Helping to plan community event

  • Chaperoning a school field trip

  • Prepare a meal for a neighbor in need

There are so many ways that we serve our community through and outside the church. Anything that you do as you give of your time to help others can be counted towards that goal.


What if I can’t do 200 hours?

This initiative is not a competition or requirement. Our goal is to celebrate and build further on Memorial's 200 years of service on Amelia Island. All time that you give to others is valuable. 200 hours is a goal that we created, but it will not be an option for all people. Do not worry about the number of hours you report. Just strive to give what YOU can as we celebrate our church and community. And remember, you can team up with others to add your hours together and serve 200 hours as a group.


How do I report my hours or my group’s hours?

Count your hours for the whole month for yourself/family/group and report them to the church on the white cards that go in the offering plate on Sundays or by using our form found at mumconline.com/2022.  Our office staff will keep a total of the hours. You can also call and speak to Navana in the church office (904-261-5769) and she will record your hours.