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May 24th, 2024 | Rev. Alyce Parmer

Southern living is in the longing hearts of many of our northern neighbors thawing out from Winter, and we are so blessed with an idyllic climate in and near, as some people call it, “Mayberry by the Sea”.  Ah, but as the end of May nears, that day June 1, marks the beginning of our dreaded hurricane season.  Time for all our preparations to get underway for the just in case scenario we all hope and pray won’t come to us. 

But we know we must get prepared, and that preparation is not just for ourselves.  Our United Methodist Committee on Relief (we call it UMCOR) is getting ready too, and that’s why all those laundry soap bottles have been decorating our Sanctuary windowsills. 

We Methodists are connectional folk, and now’s the time to connect again with all your Memorial family this Sunday (on the back porch of Maxwell Hall after worship) to assemble those flood buckets we will be sending to UMCOR for the “just in case” needs for others.  Your hands are needed!  We have 100 buckets to get ready! We’ll be loading them with -- not only that laundry detergent --but also with lots of other emergency relief supplies that will help with someone’s after storm clean up this season. 

Oh, but don’t forget, it’s not all work and no play…OH NO!  We do know how to have a good time, even when we are working for the Lord!  And… so it is that hot dogs, hamburgers, all the fixins’ and a gigantic birthday cake will be yours as well, as we celebrate Memorial’s birthday this Sunday! 

Don’t forget now…one service…in Maxwell Hall…at 10:00AM followed by flood bucket fill up time and our annual picnic at Central Park! You’ll see all 100 buckets in Maxwell Hall this Sunday, and Justin Rimondi has all the flood bucket details I might be missing, so give him a call if you have questions.

But do please remember – love always shows up for work and play, so put on those red shirts, and let’s have a party right after we worship and work!   


Pastor Alyce

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