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June 7th, 2024 | Pastor Rachel

To my Memorial family,

It has been a wonderful three months getting to spend time learning new rhythms as a family of four. I have marveled at the ways Aidan has changed, as he grows into a smiley, roly-poly little one. I am amazed at Austin’s capacity to love his brother and step into the role of doting big brother. And I am ever thankful for Nick’s love, patience, and calm as a father and partner.

I am also extremely grateful for you all, for the support and love you’ve shown me and my family since the day we announced Aidan’s impending birth. For every person who sent a card, gave a gift, made a meal, offered to watch Austin and simply asked us how we are doing, your kindness has overwhelmed us. Thank you! I like to think that the way you cared for me, and the way your love shows up for the community, is how the early Christian communities in Acts showed up for each other. Let us continue to share the love of God in these acts of hospitality within our congregation and out in the community. I relish that we get to celebrate life’s little joys together.

You hear parents talk about how their heart grows when they welcome a second child. I think that applies to all things you love. My heart has grown to love not only Nick, Austin and now Aidan but also, you all and this community, as well. If you hadn’t gathered from the times I jumped back into worship, I missed you all. Though it will be an adjustment to get back into work full time, I am eager to lean into this call to serve God and serve you all even more.

While Charlie is in Northern Ireland you will be seeing plenty of me (and Aidan) in the pulpit, the office, and the coffee shop. I hope you’ll join me on a Thursday morning for coffee, but if you can’t make it then please let me know. We’ll schedule another time because I want to hear how you are doing. I look forward to seeing each of you on Sunday morning!


With love,

Pastor Rachel

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