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December 15th, 2023 | Rev. Dr. Mark Charles

This coming Sunday will be one of the most exciting of the year as our Chanel Choir performs their annual Christmas Cantata. Choir members have been meeting every Wednesday night for weeks practicing the pieces for Sunday, and they will be joined by number of soloists and narrators who will help tell the story. It really is a special moment in our annual worship calendar - I hope you will plan to join us at either 8 AM or 11 AM in the Sanctuary.

The Cantata also presents us with an amazing opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to church for the very first time. If you have someone in your life or neighborhood, who you think would enjoy attending a church Cantata with you, don’t hesitate to make that invitation.

In between Cantata performances, in Maxwell Hall, we will have our annual Alternative Christmas Missions Fair. This is an excellent event at which we can interact with and learn more about our various partners in mission. It is also an excellent opportunity for us to support them by making a purchase at their stall or by making a donation in support of their work. Christmas is a time when we often think of receiving gifts from others, but at this event, we are the ones who are giving gifts to make a difference in the world. That’s what makes this fair alternative.

So, I hope you plan to join us this weekend as we sing the story of Christ birth, reflect on all that it means for the world, and remember that as much as we receive Christ, the gift of God‘s love, we are also called to share the gift of that love with others through our giving, our acts of service, and mission.


Pastor Charlie

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