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Memorial's Playlist

As we read through the Psalms in the coming weeks, we will discover how the breadth of human experience and emotion are reflected throughout. The Psalms are often referred to as songs, so we thought it would be fun, and helpful, to compile a playlist of the songs that we turn to and often find comfort in.  The clergy and staff have each provided several songs they listen to during the ups and downs they experience in life, and you can add to this collection of songs as well! 

Join the fun!

Mobile Phone

To find the playlist, click the Spotify link above.

A free Spotify account is all that’s needed to access our compilation of songs.


If you want to add a song to the playlist, click HERE.

 The songs do not have to be strictly religious, but they do need to fit into the categories we have identified from the Psalms, and the songs should be appropriate for all ages.  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Carrie.

You can see a running list of the songs and who suggested them by clicking HERE.

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