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We have arrived at the end of Holy Week! Sunday is the best day of the year- Easter! We get to come together as a community and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! Alleluia indeed!

Last week I was talking to a member who remarked that they sometimes stay home on Easter to make room for visitors. I replied that, whereas that was a generous posture to take, it is good for all of us to be in worship together on Easter. We hope that you will all come and worship the risen king. Lent is a long season as we have been journeying towards the cross. We have studied, prayed, and served the Lord during this time and on Sunday we will get to celebrate with joy! Our regular worship service times and locations will remain, and we will join with the other downtown churches at 7AM at St Peters Church (not in the cemetery – due to rain). I look forward to worshipping with you!

A word about visitors historically, Easter Sunday we will likely have a lot of visitors in worship. As with all our visitors every Sunday, please make sure to make them feel welcome, share your seats with them, and if they seem lost ask them if they need help. Our hospitality is one way we live out our faith in the risen Lord. I have no doubt they will feel welcome.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Carrie

  • Writer's pictureMemorial Fernandina

How can it be that we are already at the end of the Lenten season? Where did that time go?

This weekend takes us into the last week of Lent, Holy Week. Traditionally this is a special time in the life of a local church family. In the coming will have more opportunities to connect, worship, serve, and pray together than normal. It is my hope that you will take the opportunity to be part of what’s happening at Memorial.

On Saturday morning (4/1) we are excited to have our Community Easter Celebration. Along with our friends from 1dst Presbyterian, we will be welcoming large numbers of people to 6th Street, sharing family-fun and fellowship with them. It is going to be a great time of service and giving in the heart of our community.

On Sunday morning (4/2) we will mark Palm Sunday in a couple of exciting ways. At the 8:00am and 11:00am services in our Sanctuary, Dr. Joan, our Chancel Choir, along with some guest musicians will lead our worship by performing an Easter Cantata. They have been working hard and practicing lots to be ready for this. I know that their musical offering will be a blessing to all who get to enjoy it. (FYI: the 11:00am service will be livestreamed on our YouTube Channel for those who are unable to join us in person. Visit

Also on Sunday morning, between services we will gather on Centre Street at 10:30am for our community Palm Sunday processional. This is another opportunity for us to join with brothers and sisters in Christ from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, and First Presbyterian Church, and to lead a public act of worship in the heart of our community.

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services take place next week at 6:00pm in our Sanctuary. They will provide a space for us to remember and reflect upon Christ’s final steps to the cross.

Between those two services, members of our church family will be participating in a 24-Hour Prayer Vigil via Zoom. Prayer is a major focus of our lives here at Memorial and we believe in the power of a dedicated prayer life. If you would like to participate, visit to sign up for a time.

It’s a great time to be part of what God is doing at Memorial United Methodist Church friends, and in this most special of times in the Christian calendar, I hope you will plan to join in on what we have planned.


Pastor Charlie

  • Writer's pictureMemorial Fernandina

We are four weeks into this sermon series, and study, of the Lord’s prayer. With two weeks to go you may be getting tired of it, and ready for something new. This is not an uncommon human response. As we dive more deeply into the details and impact of the Lord’s prayer it can be uncomfortable.

On Sunday and Wednesday in class, we talked about forgiveness. What it looks like to admit that we have sinned, towards God or others, and to ask for forgiveness. Then we talked about how to offer that same forgiveness to others who have wronged us. This topic is not easy to discuss or to apply to our daily lives. Yet, this is exactly the call of God.

od is continually inviting us into a deeper relationship with God each day. Simultaneously, the more we grow with God the more vulnerable we are called to. This vulnerability will lead to transformation in our hearts, actions, and lives if we allow it too.

As we are journeying through the last two weeks of lent I encourage you to lean into the uncomfortable feelings and open yourself to be vulnerable with God and each other.

This upcoming week we will be looking at temptation and evil and then the final week conclude with a doxology, a moment to praise God. Lent is a finite period of time, around 6 weeks, and it always leads us to Palm Sunday, journeys through the exciting and hard days of Holy week and ends in the glorious resurrection of our Lord! But to fully live into the resurrection, we must walk through lent and Holy Week. I will continue to pray for you as we journey together and I look forward to seeing you at worship this weekend.


Pastor Carrie

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